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With our in-house engineering and construction teams, we strive to leverage our technical experience and industry know-how to develop the most cost-effective and energy efficient PV solar plants in the industry. We provide complete end-to-end solutionsincluding complete Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) services for our customers seeking to build solar power plants in India and beyond. Extremely quick project completion times and industry high generation levels are reflective of the high quality benchmarks set by Grand Solar in India’s solar photovoltaic space. Solar PV plants executed by us consistently have the highest CUF (Capacity Utilization Factor) ratios in the country. Our world-class project management teams ensure we complete the project in the fastest possible time-period without compromising on quality. A quick glance over the monthly generation reports executed by Grand Solar Energy will reflect our high benchmarks in quality execution of solar PV projects. We assist customers seeking to use solar power right from the planning stage through theentire operational life of the project. This includes providing our customers with a complete financial return and cash flow analysis of the solar power project including providing of advisory services that help customers navigate all government policy issues, land procurement issues, tax benefits, subsidies and regulatory approvals to successfully install Solar photovoltaic plants.

Turnkey Solar EPC

  • Feasibility Study,Site Surveys
  • Concept Design and Detailed Engineering design
  • Procurement of Materials,Equipments
  • Commissioning
  • Operation,Training

Project Planning

Our team initiates the process by conducting a thorough site analysis including various aspects such as availability of existing earthing and electrical infrastructure, natural conditions such as temperature & solar irradiation and soil evaluation.

Project Implementation

Our team strives to ensure timely and professional execution of its projects. Project managers oversee all activities ranging from logistical, technical, land procurement and safety issues. Preparation of appropriate documentation with the required on site approvals ensure coordinated construction without external interruptions.

Project Operation

Flawless maintenance and plant managementis necessary for efficient generation thus resulting in higher revenue streams for our customers.