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India’s chronic energy shortage not only leads to frustrating power cuts throughout the country but also translates into individuals and companies having to spend excessive amounts on diesel generators to ensure backup power. A study carried out by The Federation of Indian Chambers Of Commerce And Industry (FICCI) suggests that 1/3 of all industrial units in the county suffer power cuts for more than 10 hours every week. The same report suggested that more than 61% companies suffered a production loss greater of than 10% due to power cuts. Solar energy either on rooftops or on available ground nearby can prove to be an astute investment providing the comfort of clean-tech energy at a cheaper rate then the prevalent diesel generators.

Rooftop solar plants

  • Captive Consumption
  • Feed In Tariff Based Grid Connected Systems

Project Planning

Our team initiates the process by conducting a thorough site analysis including various aspects such as availability of existing earthing and electrical infrastructure, natural conditions such as temperature & solar irradiation and soil evaluation.

Project Implementation

Our team strives to ensure timely and professional execution of its projects. Project managers oversee all activities ranging from logistical, technical, land procurement and safety issues. Preparation of appropriate documentation with the required on site approvals ensure coordinated construction without external interruptions.

Project Operation

Flawless maintenance and plant managementis necessary for efficient generation thus resulting in higher revenue streams for our customers.

Captive Consumption

The solar energy produced during the day can be used directly by the end consumer. The consumer also has an option of using a battery backup to ensure 24/7 power supply from the solar source. Many large companies install their own captive power plants (coal/gas/diesel or renewable) to ensure continuous power supply. Solar PV, with its drastic reduction in costs over the last 5 years, could prove to be a godsend for these energy starved companies. Rising diesel prices and growing uncertainty in coal supplies have ensured that Solar PV is a relatively a highly reliable and consistent source of energy.

Feed In Tariff Based Grid Connected Systems

Various Government and State policies are promoting the feeding of energy produced from solar into the grid at incentivized tariffs to ensure additional energy supply at peak hours. This ensures an attractive return on equity for these investments in solar energy with a consistent long-term revenue stream. With utility electricity prices reaching all time highs, Solar PV can prove to be a highly cost-effective source of electricity for both private consumption and grid-connected systems.